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Sarah Tellening was the commanding officer of USS Skyfox (NCC-19030) since 2368. She was one of the few Starfleet captains involved in major strategy planning during the Coalition War. (Star Trek: Pioneer)


Tellening excelled in Starfleet Academy and as an officer, reaching the rank of captain at the age of 26, when she was given command of the USS Skyfox. She has since continued to excel in her position, during both peace and war time. She was offered the position of Academy Commandant in 2379, but turned it down to remain captain of the USS Skyfox.


Tellening was given command of a Starfleet expedition force to investigate the sensor readings coming from the planet Minark. She subsequently commanded the same force during the Battle of Minark. After the battle, and her return to Deep Space Five, she was assigned to accompany Ambassador Spock and assist him in his negotiations with the Romulan Star Empire into signing a wartime pact between the two governments, which resulted in the Romulans joining the Coalition War on the side of the Federation. ("Torment and Woe", "Dawn")

Personal life[]


Benjamin Kelsoe[]

Tellening and Commander Kelsoe in 2371.

In 2370, Benjamin Kelsoe became her executive officer and by early 2371, they had begun an affair. In 2372, Kelsoe requested a transfer after his feelings for her interfered with his duties during a mission. The two met again in 2380, when Starfleet needed to select a new Commander-in-Chief. They had dinner, and Tellening revealed her interest in picking up where they left off, however Kelsoe was still recovering from the loss of his wife in 2373. ("The Teacher")

In 2382, before the Battle of Minark, Tellening and Kelsoe reunited during the mission briefing. Captain Connor Burt sensed that the flame between the two was still there so he left them the room, leaving them alone. Tellening and Kelsoe exchanged a few words before passionately kissing, and deciding that they would continue their relationship once they returned from the mission. ("Torment and Woe")

In early 2383, after the events of Minark and its aftermath, Tellening and Kelsoe decided to take their relationship slow, to allow Kelsoe time to recover from his ordeal. ("Dawn", "The Forgotten Plant")

After suffering at the hands of a rogue Internal Affairs officer, Kelsoe finally admitted he loved her. ("Internal", "Obsession")

Dustin McCloud[]

In 2377, Tellening had a two week fling with Admiral Dustin McCloud while both were vacationing on Risa. She has since regretted it. ("Torment and Woe")

James Morgan[]

In 2382, she teased Kelsoe that she had been eyeing Major James Morgan, Kelsoe's old friend, but had never acted on it because she still had feelings for him. ("Torment and Woe").