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The sciences division was a division of Starfleet made up of members who performed various scientific duties aboard their starbases or starships, such as medicine or counseling.

This term often referred to the same reality among other races, although counseling and healthcare usually didn't fall into the jurisdiction of the sciences division in the Tal Prai'ex and the Lyran Starfleet. (RIS Bouteina, Star Trek: The Stoneship Files)

Starfleet division colors[]

22nd century 2230s[1]
Teal (ENT).png Gray (2230s).png
White (2230s).png
2240s-2250s 2250s 2265-2270s Early 2270s[2] Late 2270s-2350s[3]
Silver (2240s-2250s).png Blue (2250s).png Blue (TOS).png Orange Shoulder (TMP).png Gray Shoulder (TWOK).png
Light Green Shoulder (TMP).png Light Green Shoulder (TWOK).png
2350s-2360s 2360s-2370s
service uniform
duty uniform
Blue (Early TNG).png Blue (TNG).png Teal (VOY).png Teal (DS9).png
Early 2380s Mid 2380s 2390s
File:Teal (early 2380s).png File:Teal (mid 2380s).png File:Teal (2390s).png

Alternate realities[]

2250s 2380s-2400s 2390s 2410
Blue (STXI).png Teal (alternate 2380s).png Blue (alternate 2390s).png Teal (2410s) Grey.png
29th century
Gray (2800s).png

Fan continuities[]

Star Trek: Intrepid[]

service uniform
Teal (TNG).png

Star Trek: Remington[]

duty uniform
2370s-2380s[5] 2380s[5]
Blue (VOY).png Blue (DS9).png Blue (DS9).png
White (DS9).png

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  1. Sciences personnel wore gray and medical personnel wore white.
  2. Sciences personnel wore orange and medical personnel wore light green.
  3. Sciences personnel wore gray and medical personnel wore light green.
  4. In Star Trek: Intrepid continuity, sciences personnel wore teal.
  5. 5.0 5.1 5.2 In Star Trek: Remington continuity, sciences personnel wore blue until the division was further sub-divided in 2383, after which sciences personnel wore blue and medical personnel wore white.

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