Scorpion's Descent was a three-part fan fiction story, following up on the life of Rune Sith, in 2760, after the events of Star Trek: 001. Sith engages in one last encounter with his rival, the Wraith, and lost love, Julia. It was written in August 2005. In September 2016, it was archived and integrated into the Star Trek: Phoenix-X website.


Part IEdit

Sith, now at rank Commander and Second officer of Starbase 001, awakens, unexpectedly, in a lab aboard the renegade Alliance ship Teketeran, that he was transported to against his wishes. There, he finds he is being transported by a group of androids from Omicron Theta. He realizes that it was they who gave him is mechanical arm from an accident, long ago. After being unable to convince them to cease their hard-programmed attempts to bring him to Kintoka, he makes a move to escape on his own, but is confronted by an Android named Kerikin. A fight ensues between the two and Sith comes to understand that each Android has their own set of strengths and weaknesses.

Part IIEdit

Running through the Teketeran, Sith finds his android-spider Zeta, who was also transported, involuntarily hooked into their systems. Unhooking him, Zeta assists Sith in defeating several attacking Androids. When they are confronted by the ship's Captain, Hetekin, he informs them that they are bringing him to be presented to the Wraith. Sith decides he wants to see the Wraith, and convinces Hetekin to transport him to Kintoka. On the surface, in a wide field, Sith sees that Valecron City is in ruins and he is suddenly surrounded by the Bajoran orbs. There, he is confronted by the Wraith.

Part IIIEdit

The Wraith admits to stealing all the orbs, which he claims are his, and that he had been hiding in a subspace realm during his entire absence. After a threat to destroy Starbase 001, he, Sith and Zeta engage in physical combat. During the fight, the Wraith's power is evidently not as strong as it used to be. Though, there is still enough that a shockwave causes both he and Sith to be knocked back. Sith is suddenly met with Julia: the Prophet, and love of his life, who had been gone for years as well. She admits that some of the cast-away Prophets couldn't survive in the distant realm they were previously sent, and that she manipulated the Wraith back into strength so that she could use him to find Sith. Having to return to her non-coporeal state with the Prophets, Sith insists he go with her and join them. With an understanding Zeta, Julia agrees and the two disappear together in a flash of light.

Memorable quotesEdit

"I'll never understand why my Alliance fell to your Federation, but that's all cookie crumbs now."

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