Scott Aughtry was a Starfleet officer in the 29th century, and then the early 25th century. He currently serves as first officer on the USS Legacy-A. (Earth Spacedock)


Scott was originally from the future, but was eventually followed by Na'kuhl, had to relocate his wife and daughter elsewhere, and was eventually rescued by the USS Firestorm-D, where he then served as second science officer.

After the vessel was destroyed, he served as chief science officer on the USS Firestorm-E until it's destruction, then served in the same capacity on the USS Firestorm-F.

When Admiral Nat was replaced by a changeling without anyone else's knowledge, Scott sided with him, eventually destroying the USS Sally (the original) under orders from temporal agents of the future, and eventually served on other vessels until the admiral was revealed as a changeling, and the original Nat rescued. He then resumed his previous position briefly, served as first officer of the USS Firestorm-K, then as her captain, and more recently, and somewhat more permanently as first officer of the USS Legacy-A.

Alternate UniversesEdit

Scott has been stated to have a mirror counterpart and an alternate mirror counterpart.

Trivia Edit

Despite now being first officer, his uniform still shows the same teal markings of the science department. The bridge plans of the Legacy show the first officer's station doubling as an extra science station, so he may still oversee the science department as well, or simply did not change his division for one reason or another. Alternatively, he may just have yet to update his uniform.

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