Scott Fack is a native of Chicago, now living in Christchurch, New Zealand. He holds a Bachelor of the Arts degree in English, undertaking several courses in various types of creative and script writing, with a minor in Theater.

Star TrekEdit


Fack currently portrays recurring character Ken Kato, chief engineer of the USS Cole, on Hidden Frontier productions fan audio drama Henglaar, M.D..

He also currently is undertaking the role of Zachary Stiles, a lieutenant aboard the USS Witch of Endor, on Star Trek fan audio drama Chronicle.

He has also portrayed the Romulan Commander Pardek in Star Trek: Grissom's "One Moment of Humanity".

His name also appears in the credits to Star Trek I: Specter of the Past as Doctor Edward Chellik although he neither received confirmation he was cast in that role nor recorded any lines for the film.


Fack and his friend John Sill created Star Trek: The Prospect Chronicles as an original fan fiction contribution. This was spun out from a weekly 1 page comic strip based on Star Trek: The Next Generation called, Star Trek: The Way Jen Wants It to Be. Fack spun two other series off of The Prospect Chronicles: Star Trek: Shabonee and Star Trek: The Cantabrian Expeditions.

Fack has also contributed to the Star Trek: Unity crossover and Star Trek: Pendragon anthology, Other Knights.

He also was writing the first season of the now-defunct Star Trek: Tales of Discovery, was one of the writers of the audio episodes Star Trek: Equinox (now changed to a fan film production) and a third season episode of Henglaar, M.D. entitled "Thicker Than Water". He was also the STEU wikipedia entry writer for Star Trek: Grissom.

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