Ensign Seanna Jackie (or Jackie) was a Starfleet officer stationed at Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards in the late 24th century. She ran away from her job to find out what happened to her friend. (Star Trek: Reloaded)


In 2379, Jackie's friend, Darpa, who was a father-figure to her, was abducted by an alien cloaked vessel. A month later, Jackie stole the runabout USS Trinity from Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards and set out to find him. Along her journey, she discovered a small alien ship being attacked by a Reman warship. Aboard, she detected human lifesigns, and transported Lei Sanchez over to her shuttle before it was too late. She then took him to Deep Space 9 where she was planning on meeting a Bajoran dealer who had information about her lost friend. (Chapter 2)

While there, Jackie was confronted by Starfleet security, led by Brian, someone she knew intimately in the past. Choosing to escape, Jackie led Lei to the USS Prometheus, where they stowed away. (Chapter 3) When the Prometheus rendezvoused with the Jem'Hadar battle cruiser Neikada, Jackie faked a ship malfunction that forced the crew to evacuate to the lower sections. Her plan worked and she detached the top 1/3rd of the ship and escaped with it, barring a fire-fight with the Neikada. Jumping to warp, the Prometheus' top section traveled to the coordinates she had acquired from her contact at Deep Space 9: a Borg space city. (Chapter 4)

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