This page is about the 24th century battle. For other uses of the term Battle at the Grave of Thoughts, see Battle at the Grave of Thoughts (disambiguation).
Second Battle at the Grave of Thoughts
Part of Lyran-Kzin wars
Date: Stardate 62660.10
Location: Grave of Thoughts
Result: Decisive Lyran victory
Lyran Star Empire
Romulan Star Empire
Kzinti Patriarchy
Lyran count Fikrohn Admiral Khral-Riit
200+ starships 1 starbase
33 starships
100+ All
40,000+ All

The Second Battle at the Grave of Thoughts was a battle that pit the Lyran Starfleet (and more accurately the Iron Fang County) and the Kzinti Patriarchy in 2385. (RIS Bouteina: "Battle at the Grave of Thoughts")

The battleEdit

At the start of the engagement, the Lyran fleet sent in three battlegroups, which were met by fierce Kzinti resistance, both from the fleet posted for the starbase's defense and from the starbase itself, after several hours of combat, required the commanding officer of the starbase to call in the reserve fleet positioned at QU-1760. Annika Hansen took the command of the Romulan forces involved; once the shields of the Grave of Thoughts are down, the different forces involved scrambled to beam over the prisoners in an attempt to save them.

In the final phases of the battle, the IRW Temarex was engaging a Kzinti dreadnought, being destroyed shortly after it fired its mauler.


The loss of a major starbase in Kzinti territory proved to be a costly defeat for the Kzinti Patriarchy, and the casualties suffered onboard the Bouteina prompted the Tal Prai'ex to recruit crewmen in an emergency, while the remaining Romulan cut of the prisoner load, 2,222 prisoners would depart for Simpson's Planet on the double. (RIS Bouteina: "Redshirt Distribution")

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