Second Battle of Deep Space 9
Part of Dominion War
Dominion ships during the battle
Date: 2373
Location: Deep Space 9, Bajoran system
Result: Dominion tactical victory
Federation Alliance strategic victory
Federation Alliance Dominion, Cardassian Union
General Martok, Captain Benjamin Sisko Gul Skrain Dukat, Weyoun 5
Deep Space 9
USS Defiant
IKS Rotarran
battle group including Galor-class and Hideki-class starships, Jem'Hadar battlecruisers, and Jem'Hadar fighters
Deep Space 9 captured many Hideki-class starships and Jem'Hadar fighters destroyed
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Battle of Torros III

Description[edit | edit source]

The Second Battle of Deep Space 9 was the opening battle of the Dominion War, and began when Dominion forces attacked the station in an attempt to prevent Starfleet from mining the entrance to the Bajoran wormhole with self-replicating mines, which would prevent further Dominion forces from entering the Alpha Quadrant. Starfleet was ultimately successful in setting the minefield, though the station was lost to the Dominon.

The station would be retaken by a combined Federation-Klingon offensive the next year.

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