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Commander Yyl Qete Daahm's day on the USS Intrepid NCC-1738.


The USS Intrepid NCC-1738 is transporting admirals to Babel for a conference while Commander Yyl Qete Daahm watches.

Memorable quotes[]

"Personal encrypted log, stardate 7021.5. Ever since I blew it on the bridge during our first mission with the Star League and Hannibal, plus my subsequent dressing down not only from Commander Underwood, but the captain himself, I've had to play nice. Hell of a way to start a new assignment, so as of late I have been kissing both the captain's and exec's asses even to a minor extent the second officer, Commander Enfield. The things I endure for the service, not only does this ship have five Romulan half-caste defectors on here, we have two augments, plus other crew that seem less harmful than those mentioned. Commodore Stevenson's standing orders of keeping an eye on the aforementioned Romulans, augments and the captain so may be taxing my skills to the limit. The captain is closest friends with the exec, I can see why he chose her, I also heard she gave Commander Enfield a minor dressing down, too, right after he came on board, so she is on the list as well. Fortunately, they seem to be leaving me out of some of their activities and putting me in command of the ship, which is good because I need to practice until Stevenson gives me my own command. Anyway, done bitching, I've got to go to work, we have several admirals on board and we're on course to Babel at medium warp so they can prepare, so back to the dress uniform"
Commander Yyl Qete Daahm's log entry.


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