"Secret Occurrences" was the second flashback episode of Star Trek: Phoenix-X. The episode incorporates sections of previous episodes, including "Secret Shuttles, Part I, II and IV", "Destiny's Revenge, Part II" and "Occurrence, Part II". The story utilized specific text from those episodes in order to keep continuity, but mostly included additional story within or around those stories.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Commander Seifer, from the year 2377, becomes trapped in the year 2375 ("Secret Shuttles, Part I"); and Captain Daniel, from the year 2378, becomes trapped in the year 2344 ("Occurrence, Part II"). Discovering the Narendra III temporal rift, the out-of-sync Seifer is suddenly sent even further back in time to 2367 where he and the out-of-sync Daniel are enlisted by Section 31 to over-see the transwarp project that will eventually become the Phoenix-X.

Memorable quotes[edit | edit source]

"The annoying thing about time travelling is always having to explain yourself."

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Background information[edit | edit source]

  • As a rewrite/mash-up, this episode maintained up-to-date formatting consistent with season 4.
  • The episode was carefully worked around the original episode's text in order to retain episodic continuity.
  • The episode is the second episode in the 4th season to take place completely in the past in comparison to episodes in the current season.
  • This episode serves as a prequel to "Life 2", in which Kayl becomes younger and returns to the ship, after a full life on Narendra III.
  • The alien timeship used to send the crew back in time is Klokian's timeship as seen in "Fight, Part I, II" and "Secret Shuttles, Part I".
  • The alien's manipulating the Narendra III temporal rift, from TNG: "Yesterday's Enterprise" are Gordarion's, as seen in "Occurrence, Part I & II".
  • This episode offers another explanation as to why there is an X in the name of the ship, stating that it is, in fact, the 25th ship to be named Phoenix.
  • This episode incorporates events from the fan fiction short story The Recruited and the Star Trek: Phoenix-X episode "Mirrorlyness!", which both state the Phoenix-X was built in Cardassian territory under Section 31 and the Obsidian Order.

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