Section 47 is a message board RPG based around Section 47 in the late 24th century.


Section 47 is comprised of dozens of members, all of whom roleplay characters on several ships and starbases assigned to Starfleet's Section 47.


Section 47 was started on May 7 2000 by Ruud Visser. It was originally established as a Star Trek trivia site; however, one month later, the site expanded to become a play-by-email RPG. Later, the RPG was transferred to message boards.


Since the beginning, the site has grown exponentially and now contains three starbases and 16 starships. The site is governed by the Section Admiral, assisted by the Command Staff, who meet every month to discuss the running of the site. The ships and bases are divided into three fleets, all of which are run by a fleet commander. Commanding officers of ships report to the fleet commander who reports to the command staff.

Ships and starbasesEdit

The ships and starbases of Section 47 are listed below.

First FleetEdit

Second FleetEdit

ERA SquadronEdit

The ERA Squadron is officially part of the Second Fleet, though it contains ships which are roleplayed in different eras from the main timeline.

Third FleetEdit

The third fleet is used to train the cadets of the Section 47 Academy.

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