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For the mirror universe counterpart, see Selar (mirror).

Service History[]

An accomplished physician who trained under Dr. Beverly Crusher as part of the USS Enterprise-D medical staff from at least Stardate 42437.5 to 46830.1 (2365 to 2370). Sometime after that (cir. 2373) and two years before she signed aboard USS Excalibur Stardate 50923.1 approx. (cir. 2375), she left the USS Enterprise-D for Vulcan in response to the Pon farr urges. On Stardate 50924.5 she was aboard the newly refitted Ambassador-class USS Excalibur when it was launched from Spacedock.

Personal History[]

One of the most important moments in Selar's life was the death of her mate, Voltak, during the early moments of their Pon farr joining. This premature disruption of the Vulcan mating ritual resulted in a delayed-reaction mating urge, which forced Selar to resume Pon Farr less that three years after the death of Voltak.

Although Selar initially selected Captain Mackenzie Calhoun to act as her mate during her unexpected Pon Farr, she ultimately mated with a Hermat, Burgoyne 172. She subsequently became pregnant, and named the child Xyon, in honor of Xyon of Calhoun, the ostensibly late son of Captain Mackenzie Calhoun.

Other Information[]

Has the bedside manner of a black hole according to Captain Mackenzie Calhoun. Only other furnishings in her quarters on the Excalibur was a Shantzar, a Memory Lamp, a foot high, cylindrical, blue light (was extinguished, forever before her relationship with Burgoyne). Has a tendency to limit her world to her quarters and Sick Bay, on the Excalibur anyway. Once told Burgoyne that Vulcans chose their mates based upon a conscientious process of compatibility in thirty-seven different areas, ranging from social equability to opinions on matters of deep philosophical meaning. (Star Trek: New Frontier novels: Restoration)

It was discovered there were two Doctor Selars serving in Starfleet, one on the USS Excalibur and one on Federation Installation Nine. Ambassador Spock investigated and found the Selar serving on FI-9 was from another quantum reality and had been transported here with her son by accidentally using a prehistoric Vulcan 'stone' artifact. Having no way to return her to her proper universe, Ambassador Spock recommend leaving things as they were for the moment. (D'Sefet's Cat House, the logs of Federation Installation Nine)

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