For the mirror universe counterpart, see Seluk (mirror).

Seluk was an Orion captain who made a living as a pirate and mercenary. (Star Trek: Eagle)

History[edit | edit source]

Seluk was born and raised on the Orion homeworld. At a young age, he showed great leadership skills. As a teenager, he joined his fellow Orions and came aboard an Orion pirate vessel as an assistant in selling slave women. He showed great skill in negotiating with clients.

In later years, after a disagreement with his captain, he ended his affiliation with the Orion Syndicate to work on his own. He collected a crew made up of a large assortment of different species, one including a rogue Starfleet ensign named Nick Sather who joined in 2265 and who would become Seluk’s second in command.

Seluk's stolen Elasi ship

In 2269, Seluk and his crew would abandon their vessel for a more powerful Elasi Storm Class Frigate, a much more powerful vessel, equipped with a cloaking device.

In 2270, Seluk would take a job by the Gorn to steal crates of classified cargo from a Federation research group on Andoria. But once the cargo was about to be transferred to the Gorn ship, the USS Eagle and the USS Saladin found Seluk’s ship and retrieved the stolen cargo. The Stafleet ship was also able to beam back Mr. Sather, who turned his back on his fellow pirates.

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Seluk's next job was to capture a federation shuttlecraft, one also from the USS Eagle. Their target was a Commodore Alexander Enwright who was on his way to a conference. the crew of the shuttle craft was knocked out and the Commodore capture after a quick blast from the canones on stun setting, while the commodore was beamed on board the rest of the shuttle crew was left for dead. He preceded bring the commodore to hisd klingon business partners.

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