The Shackleton Expanse (far right) and its vicinity, circa 2371.

The Shackleton Expanse was a region of the Beta Quadrant, largely unexplored by the late 24th century, named after early 20th century Earth arctic explorer Ernest Shackleton. It was located beyond Federation space, in and around the Narendra sector, proximate to the Romulan Star Empire, and Starbase 364. The expanse was home to gravitational eddies, spatial anomalies and numerous forms of stellar phenomena. (Star Trek Adventures)

Beginning in the 2370s, Starfleet began a series of survey missions to chart the Shackleton Expanse, based out of Starbase 364. The USS Sally Ride was assigned to an exploration mission there in 2371, as was the USS Ross ten years later in 2381 (in a different quantum reality). (Shield of Tomorrow, Clear Skies)

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The Shackleton Expanse was the setting of Star Trek Adventures's Living Campaign.

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