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"Well, I see that much at least hasn't changed. ... Well, what was it General Vasa Lakrem said? 'No plan ever survives deployment.'"
Colonel Shad Yima

Shad Yima was a female Bajoran active as an officer of the Bajoran Militia Space Arm in the late 23rd century. (Bait and Switch: "A Changed World")


Shad Yima was born into the Va'telo D'jarra in the 23rd century, and in 2271 she held the rank of colonel and was commanding officer of the Karaya-class cruiser RBS Verda.

In 2271 Verda came under attack by Krell's D7 and was severely damaged. Colonel Shad fled into the gravity well of the black hole NGC-21997 after Captain Krell refused her offer to surrender, but due to the damage sustained by her ship became enmeshed in gravitational time dilation that transported her ship forward in time.

In 2410 Shad's distress signal was detected by the passing USS Bajor, which was able to transport Shad and all but one of her surviving crew off the ship. Shad clashed with Captain Kanril Eleya over the latter's choice to serve in a space military despite her caste of Ke'lora, in spite of Kanril informing her that Kai Opaka Sulan had abolished the D'jarra decades earlier.

Following a confrontation with Captain Krell that ended with Korlok killing him for command of the ship, Kanril transported Shad and her crew to Deep Space 9. (Bait and Switch: "A Changed World")