Shadow Fleet is a play-by-forum RPG set in the late-24th century, after the movie Star Trek Nemesis.



Shadow Fleet, in its present form, was created in 2007 as a play-by-forum RPG though its routes can be traced back to another RPG called Task Force 10 from which it grew.


Shadow Fleet is headed by the Fleet Commander, a Fleet Admiral, and the Fleet Executive Officer, an Admiral. These two officers oversee the running of the two major fleet commands:

  • The Operations & Support Command is tasked with managing the fleets organisation structure, comprising the Task Forces, Task Groups and individual SIMMs. It is headed by a Vice Admiral, with the senior Task Force Commander, a Rear Admiral, acting as his/her Executive Officer.
  • The Personnel & Training Command oversees all applications to Shadow Fleet and manages the Shadow Fleet Academy, fleet discipline, leaves of absence and recruitment. Again, this command is managed by a Vice Admiral, with a Rear Admiral as Executive Officer.


Shadow Fleet currently has six active shipboard roleplays, or "SIMMs", each with a full compliment of crew. The fleet also has one Earth Spacedock type Starbase, which is a central hub of activity, but the Shran is the flag ship of the fleet.

Task Force 10Edit

  • Task Group Alpha
    • USS Discovery; Prometheus Class
    • Starbase Columbus; Citadel-Type Spacedock
    • USS Shran; Odyssey Class
  • Task Group Bravo
    • USS Athena; Intrepid Class (Refit)
    • USS Tempest: Galaxy Refit Class
    • USS Challenger: Excelsior Refit Class

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