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The Shadow class fighter is based on the Excalibur-103, designed by Vanessa Lucifel and Ashley Morgan. Originally designed as a reconnaissance craft. Its potential as a fighter were equated with its speed, and maneuverability. In 2378, a push to build more of these craft was made by various squadron commanders. In 2382 they effectively replaced the Peregrine-class as the premier fighter for Starfleet. (Star Trek: Generation Fleet)

History[edit | edit source]

In her original configuration, the Shadow-class was a one seat vessel. She was used to sneak pass Borg ships to plant mines to destroy a Borg transwarp hub. Equipped with a limited range warp drive, she can sustain Warp 9.75 for 5 minutes before depleting her deuterium. After her successful mission, she was converted to a 2 seats and given additional space for deuterium, extending her range to 15 minutes. She was also given 2 specialized mission bays, to carry conventional bombs, missiles, and probes.

By 2378 her appearances would increase, and she was the talk of all pilots. Her maneuverability made her a dream, as well as her stealthy low profile, and small signature left her undetectable. By 2381 the Shadow class had replaced all Peregrine-class fighters throughout the fleet.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

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