Shadowstar Station (SFR-721) (also known as Station Salem-One) was a United Federation of Planets facility active from the late 23rd century to at least the early 25th century, though it was briefly abandoned in the mid-24th century. (Star Trek: Shadowstar Station)

The Orion Press, The Starfleet Museum, and The Romulan War continuities have Station Salem-One as the site of the Romulan ambush (akin to the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor) that precipitated the Earth-Romulan War. (Orion Press: "Popcorn", The Starfleet Museum Timeline, The Romulan War: "The Romulan War (Part 1)")

Shadowstar Station logo, late 2290s

It was a modified Salem-class space station located near both the Klingon Empire and the Romulan Star Empire.

In late 2286, Shadowstar Station's construction was authorized by the Federation Council's Military Staff Committee. Its design was based on the Salem-class station (most of which mark the perimeter of Tholian Assembly space); one of its contractors mistakenly referred to the station in media interviews as Station Salem-One, which lead to confusion on a few occasions. (Star Trek: Shadowstar Station: Timeline)

The short duration -- a matter of months -- between authorization of construction and commissioning would suggest that core parts of the station were prefabricated and towed into the Beta Miranda system, and that construction work on the station continued for years after commissioning.

The station's original raison d’être was to serve as primary customs house for commercial traffic in and out of Triangle space. Years later, it would serve as a coordination center for at least one Starfleet Intelligence operation and then as headquarters for a flight test team.

23rd century[edit | edit source]

Shadowstar Station was commissioned on 07 May 2287; her first commander was Vice Admiral Melissa Sturdevant; her first executive officer was Rear Admiral Nikolai Barstow. The Saladin-class destroyer USS Iblis was assigned to the sector that included the station and the Beta Miranda system.

The Starfleet Intelligence operation known as Operation Blackjack was coordinated from the station (Star Trek: Avenger: "Belonging") from 2288 to 2289. It was considered a successful mission, despite the loss of 60% of the Starfleet personnel assigned to it. (Star Trek: Shadowstar Station: Operation Blackjack) After the conclusion of Operation Blackjack, Barstow succeeded Sturdevant as commanding officer of the station.

During the years 2289-93, a trio of perimeter action shipsUSS Clotho, USS Lachesis and USS Atropos — was assigned to the sector around the station. These were known as Task Force Moirae.

In 2293, the Soyuz-class tactical frigate USS Pandora, commanded by Capt. Gita Divakuruni, was assigned to supplement Task Force Moirae.

By the mid-2290s, traffic to and from the heartworlds of the Federation was such that station inhabitants and visitors could enjoy the cuisines of different Terran ethnicities, as well as the cuisines of some Federation member worlds. There was at least one non-Federation consulate, that of the Klingon Empire, whose cafeteria was open to all on the station. (Star Trek: Shadowstar Station: "Pomp and Circumstantial Evidence")

Officers from the USS Accord, USS Avenger and about 30 vessels traveled to Shadowstar Station in 2296 for an installation ceremony for the flight test team's new commanding officer. ("Pomp and Circumstantial Evidence")

24th century[edit | edit source]

In 2312, a scientific expedition to the Delta Triangle was launched from Shadowstar Station. (Star Trek: Shadowstar Station: "Tempest")

By 2322, Lt. Commander Cullan Colgan was a test pilot assigned to the station. Among the prototypes he tested as a transwarp-jump fighter. (Star Trek: Shadowstar Station: "Watch and Learn")

In 2354, during the Federation-Tholian War, the station was attacked by the Tholians. Among the Federation starships present at the station were the Cheyenne-class exploration cruiser USS Apache (USS Cheyenne Operations Manual) and the Ambassador-class heavy cruiser USS Waldheim. Andreas Kitabatu al-'Qalb’s wife, Shoshana ben Eliezer, was one of many casualties in the attack. (Star Trek: Shadowstar Station: "Blindspot")

2373: USS New Horizons visited the station, with Cmdr. Celton Vercingeterix and Lt. Commander T'Makk Dogg as its away team. An unspecified incident — involving Romulans, waitresses and a glass of water — happened, but the two are successful in making it look like a Shadowstar senior officer did it. (Star Trek: New Horizons: "Rix"; "Dogg". It is not known if this event took place before the outbreak of war with the Dominion.)

In February 2374, the Intrepid-class USS Transcendence docked at the station to pick up medical supplies and Lt. Commander Mike Jeffries before departing for Codis Nu IV. (Star Trek: Transcendence: "Transcendence")

2376: Ensign Altaira Adams transferred from the California-class USS Coast City to the station as a power systems specialist. (Star Trek: Shadowstar Station: "Newbies")

Station officers, crew and civilians[edit | edit source]

1356th Tactical Fighter Wing[edit | edit source]

Embarked on Shadowstar -- in the 2290's and at least the first decade of the 2300's -- were several squadrons of attack fighter, including those of the Hornet-class, Wasp-class and Yellowjacket-class.

  • Captain Alcibiades Boone - wing commander, 1356th Tactical Fighter Wing (?-2296)
  • Captain Thom D'Gron - wing commander, 1356th Tactical Fighter Wing (2296-?)
  • Lt. Commander Sarah Delacroix - squadron leader, Turquoise Squadron (2294-?)
  • Lt. Commander N'ssit - squadron leader, Terracotta Squadron (2294-?)
  • Lt. Commander David Paris, Jr. - squadron leader, Ecru Squadron (2291-?)
  • Lt. Commander Kulwant Mahdee Singh - squadron leader, Chartreuse Squadron (?-at least 2298)
  • name unrevealed - squadron leader, Crimson Squadron

Flight Test Team personnel[edit | edit source]

Shadowstar Station Flight Test Team off-duty jacket, 2300

Assignment patch[edit | edit source]

In 2312, the assignment patch for the station was an eight-point yellow (PMS 106) star superimposed over a green (PMS 355) crescent and black sphere (Encyclopedia Shadowstar). In addition to the Starfleet delta shield, this patch was seen on EVA suits and on excursion jackets. Non-Starfleet personnel assigned to the station wore only the assignment patch.

Another version of this had the star, sphere and crescent enclosed in two concentric white circles with blue (PMS 279) borders, with "SHADOWSTAR STATION SFR-721" on top and "UNITED FEDERATION OF PLANETS" in blue (PMS 279) letters below.

Alternate timelines[edit | edit source]

"The Guardian Incident" -- about a Romulan plot to go back in time to assassinate the Federation President and Klingon Chancellor on Shadowstar Station in 2298, and detonate a metastellar weapon in the Triangle -- occurred in an alternate timeline from the prime Star Trek: Shadowstar Station one.

Fan organizations[edit | edit source]

Shadowstar Station was a Starfleet International correspondence chapter from 1995 (where it was a chapter-in-training) to the summer of 1997. Afterwards, it was an independent fan organization. (Communiqué 76, 82, 92, 97)

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