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Steady as she goes,


The USS Intrepid NCC-1738 is on her Shakedown cruises to get the bugs out and receive here crew.

Memorable quotes[]

"Captain’s Log, stardate 6969.3. This is the first official log as master of this vessel. I’m currently staffed with a skeleton crew and transitional officers to whom will be on their own assignments once the shakedown cruises are finished. I have a few officers already in place, including Lt. Cmdr. Carlton, an experienced engineer who will, as he put it, get all the bugs out during our shakedowns. Even though we are a small crew, morale is high and there is a noticeable excitement. Admiral Lerl is having us doing, as he put it, milk runs so that I can pick up more crew as well as tests on the ship’s systems. Since this is a new build ship rather than a refit, my crew has many new challenges to face, up to and including her new captain."
Captain Serek's first log entry.


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