The newly-commissioned Starship Independence departs from Earth on her maiden shakedown cruise, travelling first to the Cathedral Sector Deep-Space Live-Firing Range to test-fire the ship's weapons, then onto Collapsar 47, a known stable black hole to calibrate the ship's sensors. Along the way, the starship will make a goodwill tour of nearby systems including Alpha Centauri, Vulcan, Tellar, Bollus, Parcaeus and Diona Prime.

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Dignitaries had assembled on the christening platform and the official moment of commissioning was only seconds away now. Overlooking the spectacle was the reception party in one of the modular workspaces, comprising a select handful of the starship's crew mingled with the design and construction team as well as other dignitaries. The shipyard whistle sounded as all activity around Dock 10 came to a halt. The bottle of Chateau Les Pervenches burst on her stem, drenching the bow, and the sponsor's voice was firm and clear:
"I hereby commission thee, Starship Independence of Starfleet Command."
- "Becoming (Part 1)"


Bollus; Diona Prime; Sovereign-class; Starship Independence; Tellar; Vulcan

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  • This episode marks the first appearance of the multi-role Viper strike fighters. This particular component of the game was inspired by the many "space fighter" shows out there, including Macross, Space: Above and Beyond, Battlestar Galactica (from which our fighters derived their name), Wing Commander, Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, etc, and was introduced to expand the scope of roleplaying.

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