Lieutenant Commander Shandy Rogers was a Starfleet officer in the late 24th century. She was the first officer of the USS Wildfire, beginning in 2375.

As a security officer aboard the USS Ticonderoga, she was the senior officer in the engine room when the ship lost main power during the battle to retake Betazed. Ensign Alex Wallace indicated to her that getting main power on line would be a life-threatening situation. Shandy ordered Alex to "do whatever it takes," which he did at the cost of his life.

Feeling sorry for essentially ordering a crew member to their death, Shandy went to squadron leader Patrick Ingrum to tell her story. Patrick indicated that her actions were similar to the Kobayashi Maru, and that she had been put in a situation that tested her leadership ability. Patrick noted that he would report the issue to Starfleet JAG, but felt that nothing would come of it.

JAG would determine that she took the proper course of action, and Patrick subsequently assigned her to Wildfire (USS Baldwin: "Determined Warrior")

Personal relationshipsEdit

During her academy days, she was assigned to the same floor of Pike Hall with future USS Ottawa captain Jenna Carson. (USS Baldwin: "Bullseye") She was also acquainted with Wildfire CO Amanda Stacey. (USS Baldwin: "Determined Warrior")

Service jacketEdit

Assignment historyEdit

CDT1 (TNG).png
Yellow Cadet (TNG).png
First Year Cadet 2365-66 Starfleet Academy Assumes four years in the academy
from the age of 18
CDT2 (TNG).png
Yellow Cadet (TNG).png
Second Year Cadet 2366-67
CDT3 (TNG).png
Yellow Cadet (TNG).png
Third Year Cadet 2367-68
CDT4 (TNG).png
Yellow Cadet (TNG).png
Fourth Year Cadet 2368-69
LT (DS9-VOY).png
Yellow (DS9).png
Lieutenant 2375 Security Officer - USS Ticonderoga USS Baldwin: "Determined Warrior"
LCDR (DS9-VOY).png
Red (DS9).png
Lieutenant Commander 2375- first officer - USS Wildfire


Battle of Betazed Medal Battle of Betazed Medal 2375 Received for serving aboard Ticonderoga
in the mission to retake Betazed
USS Baldwin: "Determined Warrior"
Battle of Cardassia Medal Battle of Cardassia Medal 2375 Received for serving aboard Wildfire
during the Battle of Cardassia
USS Baldwin: "Resolution"
Dominion War Victory Medal Dominion War Victory Medal 2375 Received for serving in Starfleet during
the Dominion War
USS Baldwin: "Good Will"
Command Officer Certification Command Officer Certification 2375 Implicitly awarded by Captain Patrick Ingrum for demonstrating command ability USS Baldwin: "Determined Warrior"
Bridge Officer Certification Bridge Officer Certification 2375
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