Shane was a shapeshifter, one of the hundred sent out by the Great Link. He lived aboard the IKS Hou-Ling for many years until the ship was destroyed in 2375. Shane then was invited to live aboard the USS Phoenix-X where he occasionally took part in away missions when needed. (Star Trek: Phoenix-X: "The Bermuda Triangle Effect")


In the late 24th century, while living aboard the IKS Hou-Ling, Shane was forced to negotiate with the Borg queen when a Borg cube attempted to assimilate the crew. He offered her half his Changeling protoplasm in order to let them go. The queen accepted, and thus Shane gave birth to his 'other half', or twin, Shoon.

In 2376, Shane sacrificed himself, once more, for the crew of the Phoenix-X when a cube attempted to assimilate them. This time, Shane offered his whole self to the Borg Collective, who, by this time, had experimented with assimilating changeling protoplasm, using Shoon. It wasn't long before the Borg assimilated Shane. In order to diffuse the assimilating nano-probes, Daniel linked himself with Shane and took on half the probes. The nano-probe density became so low in both Shane and Daniel that the Borg had no longer any control over them. ("The Return of the Borg")

A few months later, Shane was abducted by a Doctor Steve, along with Captain Daniel, who ran changeling experiments on them. Two months later, the two were rescued by Commander Gotens. ("Experimentalism")

It is possible the experiments were specifically condoned by Section 31.

In 2378, Shane was abducted by the Borg once again, who successfully re-assimilated him into the collective. They ordered Shane to capture an omni'X, which they would use to empower the collective with omnipotent capabilities. Unfortunately, the power only went as far as a single Borg cube. In order to diffuse the nano-probes, Daniel linked himself with Shane once more; except this time, the link knocked both of them unconscious. The Traveling Link then took on Shane's liquid and added it to their link, and vowed to track down the omni'Cube and stop them for as long as it would take. ("Destiny's Revenge, Part III")

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