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James Kirk in 24th century Starfleet uniform

"Shatnerverse" is an unofficial fan term for the continuity in which novels credited as written by William Shatner take place. These novels include:

In this continuity, James T. Kirk was restored to life following his "death" in 2371, and went on to adventures involving former crewmates from the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701) as well as prominent 24th century figures.


Star Trek: Prometheus[]

In Star Trek: Prometheus all of the "Shatner-verse" novels are accepted as canon, with the exception of the Captain's Trilogy. Minor inconsistencies including, but not limited to, a Vulcan resistance which is separate from the Terran rebellion/resistance, are viewed as "typos". In Star Trek: Prometheus it is assumed that the Vulcan resistance is actually the Terran rebellion, which was named for the species who originated it (from the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance's view) and in honor of the Terran Empire (the rebellion's view).

In Star Trek: Prometheus the Preserver obelisk failed to sever the connection between the prime and mirror universes, and after Project Sign's returned Spock, Kate Janeway, T'Val, Tiberius, and the Enterprise NX-1701, and its crew to the mirror universe Tiberius seized control of the Enterprise and in an uncharacteristic gesture of kindness did not execute Spock, Kate Janeway, and T'Val but instead gave them a shuttle capable of high warp and stocked with provisions and let them leave unharmed before heading to Chal to woo Praetor Telani and establish a powerbase there, after which he consolidated his assets (including Logan MacLeod and the Prometheus) to fortify the Chal System so he could increase his powerbase in relative safety.

Star Trek: Pendragon[]

The fan fiction series Star Trek: Pendragon accepts the first four Shatner/Reeves-Stevens novels as part of its continuity. The Pendragon staff have gone on record as feeling that Dark Victory's substandard writing and the untenable changes to the nature of the Trek universe shown in Preserver place them outside of continuity. In Pendragon continuity, the resolution of the conflict begun in Spectre remains unknown (as yet). The Captain's trilogy is simply ignored.

Star Trek: Phoenix-X[]

In the episode "Life 2", Nelkast (of Section 31) makes a passing mention of the "Shatnerverse" to Ensign Dan.

In "Displacement Syndrome", Cell and Seifer visit this universe and meet James T. Kirk. According to this alternate universe Kirk, he decides to name the universe after an Ensign Shatnerve, who brings him coffee every morning.

Starship Saladin[]

The fan film series Starship Saladin accepts all of the Shatner/Reeves-Stevens novels as part of its continuity. 

William Raymer's stories[]

William Raymer's Harry Potter/Star Trek crossover trilogy (Harry Potter and the Return of James T. Kirk, Harry Potter and the Fountain of Possibilities and Harry Potter and the Great Ascension) and Star Trek: Omega Force all recognize the first five Shatnerverse novels (The Ashes of Eden to Dark Victory) as part of their collective continuity.

Certain portions of the post-Dark Victory Shatnerverse novels (yet to be determined by William Raymer) are also so recognized.

The canonical status of Academy: Collision Course is yet to be decided upon by William Raymer.

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