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"Shatter Point" is the eighteenth episode of the fan film series Starship Antyllus and the eighth episode of season two.

Although the episode is presented as a two-parter, both parts are considered "Episode Eighteen".


  • George Kayaian as Captain Allen
  • Jennifer Kahler as T'Zrok
  • Michael Russo as Dr. Miles
  • Briana Dougherty as Brooks
  • Jody Hessel as Hab Tek'Ton
  • Regina Moran as Starlin
  • Christine Dougherty as King
  • John Izquierdo as Wolper
  • Michael J. Arbouet as Hartwell

Special guest stars[]

  • Anya Sheila Kayaian as Sharb and Captain Aarjun
  • Michael J. Arbouet as General Krikor
  • Elizabeth Dollard as the Computer
  • William C. Searcy as Admiral Mox
  • Kiernan Dougherty as Ensign Carter
  • Serg Raben as Lt. Matias
  • Laren Gables as Verrin Frost


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