The Shinjuku class was a type of Federation space cruiser active in the early- to mid-23rd century. (TOSS)

History[edit | edit source]

The USS Shinjuku was named for the Shinjuku ward of Tokyo. Ships of this class are conventionally named after cities (Tokyo's wards are each administratively cities in their own right).

The design is intended to fit between the Daedalus-class of the late 22nd century and the Constitution-class of the mid-23rd. (Note on TOSS strip #10)

Technology[edit | edit source]

Layout[edit | edit source]

Ships of this class have an elongated secondary hull and small saucer-shaped primary hull section connected via a short fat neck. The primary hull contains the sensor dome-cum-observatory and decks A to I. The bridge is on deck A, and the captain's ready room is at the aft of deck B. The mess hall is on deck G, on the rim of the saucer to the starboard of the impulse engine exhaust.

The long secondary hull (decks J to Q) accommodates many general-purpose bays with retractable doors opening along the dorsal (upper) surface, forming a double-height deck J and the deck K below it. The bays' bulkheads and floors can be adjusted to reconfigure the space. The shuttle bay connects with the cargo bays. When not in use for cargo, bays are repurposed as recreational areas. (TOSS #6 "Nets")

The main engineering dominates the aft section of the secondary hull, from the bottom of the shuttle bay downwards (decks M–Q).

Turbolift cars are smaller than on Constitution-class vessels and cylindrical.

Accommodation[edit | edit source]

Crew quarters are on decks M and N. Cabins for crewmen and ensigns have two bunks, storage lockers, a desk with graphical display and chair, and a trunk with a padded upper surface that serves as a sofa. They do not have windows or food slots. (TOSS #2 "New Threads", #3 "Hello, Boys", #8 "Synthesizer Crapola")

Shinjuku-class ships have food synthesizers but also a galley with cooks who work with a mixture of stored and synthetic ingredients. (TOSS #6 "Nets", #8 "Synthesizer Crapola")

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  • In the webcomic TOSS

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