Ships of the Star Fleet were two technical manuals of Star Trek movie-era starships, published in 1991 by Mastercom Data Center. The first volume included such vessels as the various subclasses of the Constitution-class heavy cruisers, the Knox-class and Surya-class frigates, various iterations of the Avenger-class heavy frigate and foldout diagrams of the Belknap-class strike cruiser. There was a revised version of the first volume published. Its major changes were the addition of perspective drawings of ships of two of the Heavy Crusier classes. The second volume focused on Akyazi-class perimeter action ships and subclasses thereof.

These reference works were one of the most high-profile pieces of fan-authored content ever made. They were published without official sanction from Paramount Pictures and sold at conventions, reportedly garnering attention from the Star Trek franchise's lawyers.

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The Ships of the Star Fleet series was later revived online by fan Chris Wallace of the Advanced Starship Design Bureau. The new version consisted of three volumes of 24th century vessels plus one on the Star Fleet Operating Forces — i.e., fleet deployment — and a fifth on Star Fleet Facilities.

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