The Shogun class was an Hydran heavy explorer fielded in the 24th century. Unlike its supercarrier cousins, the Shogun class was in no way involved in the constant craze for ever-greater maximum evacuation capacity craze that Hydran shipbuilding followed. As a result, its MEC was similar to other multi-vector assault mode-equipped ships fielded by the other governments. Unlike the Monarch-class supercarrier, who possessed an insanely massive MEC (29,500 people) for its size, the Shogun-class had a dismal (by Hydran standards) MEC of 16,500 people. It also had the multi-vector assault mode installed, and, like most Hydran ships, carried Stinger-class fighters; this class carried 24, broken down into four squadrons of six fighters.

Unlike other heavy explorers fielded by the Hydrans in the past, it did not feature fusion beams as its designers deemed that close-quarters weaponry made the ship too dependent on escorts and, as such, would make it less capable of assuming its intended role. Also, one of the ships of that class was taken over by children. (RIS Bouteina: "Spoiled Rotten")

The High Priestess of the God of Evacuation supervised the shakedown cruise of the HMS Emperor, the first Shogun-class ship built with a higher MEC (38,700) than the previous units, thus overtaking the record previously held by the Paladin-class. (RIS Bouteina: "Night of the Were-Hawks")

Known shipsEdit

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