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The USS Intrepid NCC-1738 is on Shore leave on Risa.


The crew of the USS Intrepid NCC-1738 is on much-needed leave and not cause any trouble for the planet.

Memorable quotes[]

"Thank you, Captain. Here's the deal, you four are the worst on shore leave costing not only time but ship's resources in rebuilding what you've destroyed. I'm for a good time just like anyone else but there has to be limits. Thankfully we've not been banned from anywhere unlike the Enterprise and the Argo incident. Here’s what's going to happen, you four are going to shore leave when you're off duty, you will have a good time with the locals and other points of interest as well as blow off some steam, you are not going to get into any scuffles, fights, disagreements, and debates, and finally, I’ve assigned two off duty security to follow you to make sure that any of you don't get into trouble, are we clear?"
Commander Mercedes Underwood to Lieutenant T'Seya and her friends before going on leave.


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