The sickbay was the main medical center on starships and starbases built by various races. The sickbay was presided over by the chief medical officer, who was, in most instances, supported by nurses, doctors and, in some cases, counselors. It usually contained surgical wards, biobeds and medical equipment capable of curing most ailments.

Emergency Medical Holographic programs were fixtures in Federation and Romulan sickbays. (Star Trek: Voyager; Star Trek: Lambda Paz; RIS Bouteina)

Klingon starships were noted for their spartan sickbays: apparently, a Klingon starbase-grade sickbay, such as those in PumwI'-class and Khin'Vagh-class starships, was below Romulan (and Lyran) standards. Likewise, the morgue was a section commonly found in large-scale sickbays. (RIS Bouteina: "Eidolon (Bouteina episode)", Star Trek: The Stoneship Files: "Attack on the Laboratory")

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