Sileon Thall was the former husband of Ualla Thall, father of Milami Thall and one of the founders of the Bolian Isolationist Movement.

His name is pronounced "si-LEE-on THALL".


Leaving Bolarus IXEdit

Sometime after Milami's birth in 2348, Sileon Thall left Bolarus IX with his wife Ualla Thall, their children, and Sileon's followers and their families (the Bolian Isolationists) to form a new colony as Sileon and his followers were unhappy with the cultural contamination Bolian society was undergoing due to its closer ties with the Federation (see the Bolian Isolationist Movement).

The journey to an ideal planet took years.

New BolarusEdit

Sometime before Milami turned 10, Sileon Thall found New Bolarus, a planet well beyond the Typhon Expanse and Myhr'an space. The Bolians settled there and lived in the traditional Bolian way.

By this time, Sileon and his wife had seven children in total.

But Ualla was not happy. After a few hard years on New Bolarus, Sileon and she split, with Ualla, Milami, two of her male children and one of her other female children opting to return to the Federation. The other children stayed on New Bolarus with Sileon Thall.




Ualla Thall has seven children:


Sileon Thall has four known grandchildren:

Exact dates of Sileon Thall's departure from Bolarus IX and arrival to New Bolarus are not known; however, it is known that the journey from the Federation to New Bolarus took years at warp speeds.
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