Sindari t'Thavrau was a Romulan noblewoman who lived in the mid- to late 24th century. (Bait and Switch)

History[edit | edit source]

Sindari t'Thavrau had a falling-out with her niece Iliana after the latter became pregnant out of wedlock and bore a daughter, Morgaiah, in 2356.

By January 2371 Sindari t'Thavrau was the matriarch of House Thavrau and the senator for the Sheratan VII colony. She was a member of the Suketh Coalition. ("Flaihhsam s'Spahkh")

Sindari was offworld attending the birth of her third grandson at the time of Shinzon's 2379 coup d'état. ("Emael Mosekhesailho, Part I")

In 2387 Sindari was killed in the Hobus supernova. ("Flaihhsam s'Spahkh")

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