So'ja Resistance
Sojan flag
Flag of the So'jan People
Founded: 2380
Type: Resistance Movement
Head: Ru'mal
Status: Active

The So'ja Resistance was an organization formed by Admiral Ru'mal in 2380. (Star Trek: Pioneer)

Formation Edit

Ru'mal formed the Resistance in 2380, after he began to see the Coalition, which he helped rise to power, become corrupt and veering away towards the peace Ru'mal had hoped to see restored to a so'jan kingdom. He also decided to include the Rigusians, the so'jan race's genetic cousins, in his organization. ("Defector, Part 1")

Activities Edit


  • Admiral Ru'mal left the Coalition and met with opponents of the Ar'kon regime on Rigus, where he formed the Resistance.


  • Resistance Operative Ru'fur attempted to purchase weapons from Mordoc, a Ferengi weapons dealer.
  • Resistance Operative Ru'fur made contact with Federation Special Envoy Lucus Kesar on the Alkanden Outpost 5. ("In the Shadows")
  • Ru'fur managed to work his way into the So'jan military and reached the rank of Colonel, and receiving the special title of Handi, the Trusted of the People.
  • Later that year, Ru'fur uses his position as Handi to help in the rescue of Captain Benjamin Kelsoe from the Coalition facility where he was being held by Tyson Calok. ("Question of Loyalty", "Nothing Else Matters")

Known operatives Edit

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