Sojan flag

Flag of the So'jan People

So'jan military uniforms consisted of a simple orange cloth tunic, with rank and insignia pinned on the collar. (Star Trek: Pioneer)

Enlisted personnelEdit

Recruit[1] Crewman[2] Private[3]
Sojan rec Sojan noncom Sojan po

Non-commissioned officersEdit

Petty Officer[4] Chief Petty Officer[5] Master Chief[6]
Sojan cpo Sojan mc Sojan pfc


Corporal[7] Sergeant[8] Lieutenant[9]
Sojan cpl Sojan sgt Sojan lt
Major[10] Lieutenant colonel[11] Colonel[12]
Sojan maj Sojan ltcol Sojan col

Flag officersEdit

Admiral[13] Major admiral[14] Supreme admiral[15]
Sojan adm Sojan adm Sojan spcmdr

Enlisted ranks Etc Officer ranks Flag ranks
So'ja High Command REC


Stp soja

So'jan officer in uniform

So'jan uniforms had no divisions in color or insignia. The only major difference amongst commissioned officers was the fact that flag officers wore a white baldric, which the so'jan referred to as a sash. Flag officers also wore insignia on their right shoulders indicating their position within the So'ja High Command. ("The So'ja Incident", "The Boolran Eye, Part 1")

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  1. All recruits, no matter what grade, wear that same insignia.
  2. The first position available to a recruit out of the military academy is crewman, from there they can begin a non-commissioned career or a commissioned (officer) career. If they choose non-commissioned status, they will started at petty officer, once promoted to non-commissioned officer status. If they choose commissioned status they will then go from crewman to private once promotion is warranted.
  3. Mostly used as ground forces or cannon fodder. The rank of Private is also a stepping stone to the rank of Corporal.
  4. A petty officer is non-commissioned officer who assumes more duties than a crewman, usually in engineering or the infantry. The insignia was used for all three petty officer rank classes.
  5. A chief petty officer is non-commissioned officer who assumes the duties of supervisor over Petty Officers and Crewmen.
  6. The rank of Master Chief is the highest rank possible to a non-commissioned officer in the So'ja military. Officer of this rank are usually squadron leaders.
  7. The Chancellor's personal body guard is made up of soldiers with this rank.
  8. A soldier with this rank is usually the head of the Chancellor's personal body guard.
  9. Soldiers of this rank are usually the ones singled out to be pilots of both starships and fighter crafts.
  10. Usually soldiers with this rank are found in Military Intelligence, or with desk jobs, and sometimes as second officer aboard a starship. ("Defector, Part 1")
  11. Soldiers with this rank often serve as tactical officer and executive officer aboard starships.
  12. Starship commanding officer, they also serve as aides to Admirals. ("For Better or Worse")
  13. So'jan officers who reach this rank have command over one of the fleets or divisions of the So'ja armed forces, or are part of the Admiralty.
  14. In the hierarchy of the Admiralty, a Major Admiral was below the Supreme Admiral as the High Command's de facto second in command. Isen'ko was a Major Admiral. ("Torment and Woe")
  15. Supreme commander of the entire So'ja armed forces. ("The Removal, Part 2")
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