Collection of Known Sentient species from canonical Star Trek

Collection of Unknown or unidentified Sentient Species and and fan-theories on possible idetifications

Collection of Fanon Sentinent Species or canonical Species with fan-on appearances

Collection of Non-Canon Races and Cultures and fan-theories for unidentified Species and Characters

This section logs information on different species and lifeforms. Click on a life form for more information.

Humanoids[edit | edit source]

Humanoid life forms are very much like humans in their general appearance, although their anatomy may vary.

Non-humanoids[edit | edit source]

These life forms are completely alien compared to humanoids.

Other species[edit | edit source]

Species that do no fit into the categories above such as non-coporeal lifeforms

The following species have an unknown designation.

Mirror universe[edit | edit source]

Ancient species[edit | edit source]

These life forms are few in number or believed to be extinct.

External link[edit | edit source]

Species and cultures article at Memory Alpha, the canon Star Trek wiki.

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