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Collection of Known Sentient species from canonical Star Trek

Collection of Unknown or unidentified Sentient Species and and fan-theories on possible idetifications

Collection of Fanon Sentinent Species or canonical Species with fan-on appearances

Collection of Non-Canon Races and Cultures and fan-theories for unidentified Species and Characters

This section logs information on different species and lifeforms. Click on a life form for more information.


Humanoid life forms are very much like humans in their general appearance, although their anatomy may vary.


These life forms are completely alien compared to humanoids.

Other species[]

Species that do no fit into the categories above such as non-coporeal lifeforms

The following species have an unknown designation.

Mirror universe[]

Ancient species[]

These life forms are few in number or believed to be extinct.

External link[]

Species and cultures article at Memory Alpha, the canon Star Trek wiki.