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Solly Brin, a Red Orion, was born on Verex III, Earth year 2328, to Tarlo and Marli Elix. Tarlo Elix decided he wanted no part of the Elix crime syndicate, opting instead for the peaceful life of an honest merchant. However, this was not to be as Tarlo was eventually killed by his own brother. Marli took young Solly and moved to Verex IV, a marginally more lawful planet, where she eventually married Kaldor Brin. Kaldor served a number of years in the Starfleet Border Service before a severe injury forced his early retirement.

Solly was influenced by Kaldor's strength of character and determination to succeed, despite physical limitations. He followed in his adoptive father's footsteps and enlisted in the Star Fleet Border Service when he turned 18 standard years of age. Solly is a "lifer" and has served virtually his entire career on a single border cutter, the USS Bluefin. Currently, he serves as Chief of the Boat on the Bluefin under his long-time friend, Captain Joseph Akinola. (Star Trek: Tales of the USS Bluefin)

Education[edit | edit source]

Brin's education has been eclectic in nature. Because his mother moved frequently following the death of Tarlo Elix, much of his early education was done on PADDs through a myriad of primary and elementary education organizations. He attended an upper school on Verex IV, graduating prior to enlisting in the service.

Military service[edit | edit source]

Brin enlisted in the Starfleet Border Service in 2346. After completing basic training, he was sent to several additional training bases where he gained proficiency in weapons, boarding tactics, and security. In 2348, he was assigned to the USS Bluefin as a security crewman. In 2350, CPO Joseph Akinola joined the crew of the Bluefin as Chief of the Boat. Akinola took a liking to young Brin and a mentoring relationship and friendship developed.

Brin saw action in the first Federation-Cardassian War and the Dominion War where he received decorations for bravery and for being wounded in action on three occasions.

As of 2376, Brin serves as Chief of the Boat and head of security under Captain Akinola. Senior Chief Brin trains security crewmen in boarding operations and leads most boarding parties. He is also qualified to man both the tactical and operations stations on the bridge. Captain Akinola recently recommended Brin's promotion to Master Chief Petty Officer. This promotion is still pending with the Fleet Bureau of Personnel.

Miscellaneous[edit | edit source]

  • Strengths: Master of hand-to-hand combat, physical strength, courage, intelligence, and leadership skills
  • Weaknesses: Quick temper, sometimes overly-aggressive, tendency to bend the rules
  • Close friends: Captain Joseph Akinola, CPO Deryx, Corpsman Sanders
  • Enemies: The Elix cartel and the rest of the Orion Syndicate
  • Hobbies: Exercise, Shodokan karate, collecting knives
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