"Somewhere Out in Space" was the first series of comics of Star Trek: Phoenix-X. It contained seven comic strips and was the first comic series of the third season.


Captain Cell worries about his goldfish and deals with Section 31. Meanwhile, Commander Seifer attempts to trade with the Tarkaleans.

Comic guideEdit

Within the pluralized category of 'Comics' (i.e., Comics 1) were each individualized 'Comic' (i.e., Comic 1, Comic 2, etc.).

Comics 1 Title Posted Prod. Code Synopsis Stardate Year
Comic 1 "Attack" Apr 22 2006 PNX085_M001NA Seifer frets over an attack. 59771.7 2382
Comic 2 "Section 31" Apr 22 2006 PNX085_M001NB Captain Cell deals with his arrangement with Section 31. 59773.2 2382
Comic 3 "Tarkaleans" Apr 23 2006 PNX085_M001NC Seifer attempts to deal in weapons. 59774.4 2382
Comic 4 "Helix" Apr 23 2006 PNX085_M001ND A crew member tries to access 21st century internet message boards. 59774.6 2382
Comic 5 "X?" Apr 24 2006 PNX085_M001NE Cell and Seifer discuss the -X postfix in USS Phoenix-X. 59776.1 2382
Comic 6 "Hello" Apr 25 2006 PNX085_M001NF Seifer encounters Kugo in a turbolift. 59781.1 2382
Comic 7 "Changeling" Apr 27 2006 PNX085_M001NG Cell presents his shapeshifting abilities to Captain Menchez. 59784.4 2382

Memorable quotesEdit

"We are the Tarkalean, who are sick of selling tea!"
Tarkalean merchant

Background informationEdit

  • This series of comic strips introduced the comic format to Star Trek: Phoenix-X.
  • Comic 4, Helix, was lost in records and thus was not uploaded to the Phoenix-X website.

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