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A Son'a. (Star Trek: New Horizons)

The Son'a were humanoids from the planet Ba'ku that left the world after rebelling against the Ba'ku's philosophy that rejected advanced technology.

The Son'a formed a small empire through colonisation and "nomadic acquisition." At least two separate species have been conquered and made slave races for the Son'a. After repeated sanctions by the Federation Council, the Son'a appeared to have stopped this practice. (Star Trek: Insurrection)

In 2375, a group of Son'a attempted to strip Ba'ku of the metaphasic radiation to further prolong their lives as well as deny it to the Ba'ku by forcibly relocating them. This would grant them the radiation they need to continue to prolong their lives as well as give them revenge on the Ba'ku for the events that led to the Son'a leaving their world. Due to the planet's location within Federation space they struck a deal with the Federation, concealing their true past and connection to the Ba'ku. The plan was stopped by the crew of the USS Enterprise-E after their past and true intentions became known. (Star Trek: Insurrection)

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