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The Sorbonne (Lyran classification: research university) is a university founded in the Middle Ages located in Paris. It was the site of the first student strike recorded on Earth, in 1229.


In 1971, the Sorbonne was split into 13 sub-constituents, all of which are specialized in an academic area, and are administratively considered universities in their own right, but only some of them retained Sorbonne in their names.

In the late 24th century, Paris VI was authorized to add Sorbonne in its name, henceforth called Sorbonne Pierre-et-Marie-Curie Paris VI University (French: Université Sorbonne-Pierre-et-Marie-Curie Paris VI) or Sorbonne Paris VI for short. Anastasia Volzhin complained that PhD students in xenogeology at Sorbonne Paris VI gave a sustained effort only early in the year at best, as well as poor advising, due to the 35-hour-rule in place all over France. Despite this, Rusack enrolled at Sorbonne over the University of Pennsylvania. (Star Trek: False Vacuum: "Thesis Dilemma")


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