The Soyuz class was a type of Federation starship, serving in Starfleet during the late 23rd century before its retirement by 2290. One Soyuz-class ship was the USS Bozeman, initially thought lost in 2278. (TNG: "Cause and Effect")

Exterior Design[edit | edit source]

Similar in design to the Miranda class, the typical Soyuz-class starship had an enlarged aft section housing cargo- and shuttlebays. Several large outboard sensor pods, sometimes mistaken for heavy weapon mounts, also graced the enlarged aft section.

Jackill's[edit | edit source]

The Soyuz class starships were designated as an attack frigate or tactical frigate. The aft section of the primary hull had megaphaser mounts (rather than sensor pods) and has launch bays for fightercraft.

There were three models of Soyuzii, rolled out in 2274 (Mk I), 2284 (Mk II), and 2309 (Mk III), respectively.


  • Length: 234 m
  • Width: 141 m
  • Height: 68 m
  • Displacement: (Mk I) 187, 193 mt; (Mk II) 201,478 mt; (Mk III) 208,755 mt
  • Ship's complement: 429 officers and crew; 129 troops; 35 passengers
  • Weaponry: (Mk I and II) 6 FH-10 phasers; (Mk III) 6 FH-11 phasers; (Mk I) 6 FMH-1 megaphasers; (Mk II) 6 FMH-5 megaphasers; (Mk III) 6 FMH-10 megaphasers
  • Warp engines: Leeding FWG-2 (maximum safe cruising speed: warp factor 8; emergency speed: warp factor 9)
  • Impulse engines: (Mk I) FIF-2; (Mk II) FIF-3; (Mk III) FIG-2

Source: Jackill's Starfleet Reference Manual: Ships of the Fleet, vol. 1 (2006 revision)

Star Trek: Avenger and Star Trek: Accord continuities[edit | edit source]

The Star Trek: Avenger and Star Trek: Accord fan fiction continuities subscribe to this interpretation (i.e., of the ship's having megaphasers rather than sensor pods, and of the rear of the extended primary hull containing launch bays for fighters). These continuities also continue using the Soyuz-class starships past the canonical 2290 date and into the early 24th century.

Further, while Jackill's notes that the Soyuzii were commissioned in the mid-2270s, these two continuities see that as a refit and recommissioning date from a class (also named Soyuz) that was similar but used PB-31 or similar type warp nacelles available in the late 2250s.

Kennedy Shipyards[edit | edit source]

The Soyuz class is seen as a derivative of the Miranda-class and this type of vessel is called a "super" heavy destroyer. The aft hull section is said to house additional deuterium and antimatter stores. The class has a total of four type-2 pulse phaser cannons mounted at the hardpoints. (Kennedy Shipyards: Starfleet Vessel Miranda Class Starship USS Reliant NCC-1864: General Blueprints and Specifications)

This continuity also says that the class was in service 80 years past the canonical 2290 date, as late as the Dominion War.

Orion Press[edit | edit source]

In this continuity, the Soyuz-class ships were introduced the same year (2271) as the similar-looking Voshkod-class attack frigates. (Orion Press Lexicon 2008 Appendix I)


  • Length: 254 m
  • Width: 151 m
  • Height: 64 m
  • Ship's complement: 64 officers, 315 crew
  • Weaponry: phasers (6 banks of 2 cannons); megaphasers: (6 turrets with 2 cannons); photon torpedoes: 2 tubes

Sources: Orion Press: Lexicon 2008 Appendix I, Lexicon S-T (2010 revision)

Diane Carey's Ship of the Line[edit | edit source]

This novel designates the Bozeman and other Soyuz-class starships as "border cutters" and gives them duties similar to ships of the US Coast Guard. (TNG novel: Ship of the Line)

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