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"Devil's Cube" to 2194
2195 to 2nd Marine Expeditionary Group
3056 to Alex Rol
Alexander (Starfleet) to Archaeologist
Archaeology to Bat'leth
Baton Rouge class to Borg Queen
Borg War to Cartwright
Cascade Station to Chudala I
Chudala II to Cruiser
Crusade (Unity episode) to Deep Space Five
Deep Space I-94 to Drabble
Draco Malfoy to Entanglements
Entente class to Federation Spaceflight Chronology
Federation Special Operations Command to Fuller family
Fulmina Prize to Grave Matters (HF episode)
Grave of Thoughts to Hijinx
Hikaru Cochrane to IKS Qo'rok
IKS QoHal to Iwo Jima class (assault ship)
Iwo Jima class (heavy cruiser) to John Briar
John Brooke to Kellarian ranks
Kellinan Reach to Laarim
Labor camp to Longbow (fighter)
Longears to Matanda
Match to Monitor
Monitor (starship type) to NCC-1807-A
NCC-181 to NCC-61165
NCC-61398 to NCC-A1
NCC-G1400 to Normandy class (fighter)
NorthAm to Patricia Caine
Patricia Cushing to Pro'met class
Probe to Remington class
Remington universe to Rylie
R‘Nara Kellinnin to Sculpture
Sea, Air, Land to Sierra class
Sigma Hydra system to Star Trek: Daystrom's Doomsday
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine to Star Trix
Star Wars & Star Trek TNG: A Galaxy Far, Far Away to Starfleet Thirtieth Fleet
Starfleet Thirty-First Fleet to T'Kare
T'Kel to Temporal Doom! Part I
Temporal Doom! Part II to The Vacation (STP)
The Visitor (fan fiction) to Treldix
Trelen to USS Alexandria (NCC-2547)
USS Alexandria (NCC-2547-A) to USS Beachmont
USS Beachmont (NCC-21087) to USS Cody (NCC-594)
USS Cole (NCC-89204) to USS Emerald
USS Emerald (NCC-209) to USS Hanson (Galaxy class)
USS Hanson (NCC-2309) to USS Kelkit
USS Kelkit (NCC-1113) to USS Minuteman (NCC-36842)
USS Mir (NCC-169) to USS Philadelphia (NCC-79223)
USS Phoenix to USS Satie (NCC-74214)
USS Savannah to USS Ticonderoga (NCC-1211)
USS Ticonderoga (NCC-17750) to USS Winter Hawk
USS Winter Solstice (NCC-26133) to Vek'lar
Vekah Shipyards to William Chesterton
William Cochrane to …That Others May Live (New Order episode)
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