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"Spider Agencies, Part II" was the seventy-fourth episode of Star Trek: Phoenix-X. It was the second and final part of a two-part episode arc, and the twenty-fourth episode of the third season.


Lieutenant Commander Red, on a mission of vengeance, finds his latest target completely killed. Even worse, the killing has dishonored his family name, and now he must join with the USS Phoenix-X to help him clear his name. But little do they realize that the one responsible is a closer ally than they think. Meanwhile, the Consideration Meetings are put to an end.

Memorable quotes[]

"Look. I’m not going to tell you anything because there isn’t anything to tell about the Phoenix-X! It’s just some ship with people inside of it."

Background information[]

  • This episode marks the return of Armond and Red to the Phoenix-X.
  • Theseus turns rogue in this episode. From his actions, it is most likely he has ceased his Starfleet duties, although Starfleet's reaction to this has not yet been made clear in subsequent episodes.
  • This would be Jet's last appearance until Part III of Season 5's "Someone to Remember Them By".

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