Star Trek Expanded Universe

A male Ssoran.

The Ssorans (or Ssora) were a reptilian species from the F'asa sector of the Delta Quadrant. Possibly an offshoot of terrestrial dinosaurs like the Voth, by the 24th century that had forged a small interstellar empire known as the Ssoran Hegemony. (Delta Fleet (PBEM))

The Ssora had a long-standing antipathy for the neighboring Kess'rith species, a situation which was exacerbated in the 2370s when the United Federation of Planets made first contact with both races and established the New Terra colony and Deep Space Delta.

In 2378, the Ssoran Hegemony joined with the Falcarian Allegiance to oust Starfleet from their territory in the Delta Quadrant. They largely succeeded in obliterating the Federation forces in the F'asa sector. (Delta Fleet (PBEM))