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Star Fleet Battle Group Omega was a task force assembled by Admiral Kathryn Janeway to join with the USS Enterprise-E to meet the threat posed by the Reman's thalaron weapon in 2378.

Before the Enterprise could rendezvous with the battle group it was attacked by the Scimitar within the Bassen Rift. The Enterprise successfully managed to destroy the Reman warbird ending the threat to the Federation. (Star Trek Nemesis)

Ships in the battle group

Alternate timelines


In an alternate timeline encountered by the crew of the USS Infinite in 2382, the task force was forced to engage the Scimitar following the destruction of the Enterprise-E at the Battle of the Bassen Rift. The task force pursued the vessel all the way to the Sol system and eventually destroyed the ship after it was rammed by the Galaxy-class USS Excalibur-A which had joined the fleet en route. ("Split Infinities")


Curiously, the graphic shows Starfleet to be two words in this instance.

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