Star Trek: 001 was a message board roleplaying game based aboard Starbase 001 in the mid 28th century, where the Federation had become a shadow of its former self.

Various message board users took part in the writing of each episode and its continuity. The episodes were derived from discussions in which each user had a say in what they were interested in having happen in the episode, making it more of a conscious collaborative effort. The RPG took place on the Helix BBS and later moved to its own forums. It eventually ended in 2005.

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Names of the writers listed below are their screen-names, and not their full real-life names.

  • RMrulz as Tom Garrison & Lietra Kayana
  • Nightranger as Drayson Hardgrove
  • Captain Archer as Michael Larkin & Jennifer Hurst
  • tucker as David Major
  • Kelly as Samantha Halliwell
  • Spork (aka Jake) as Tanik
  • markspot as K'Rak
  • Joshua as Othoniel Rasin
  • Hawku as Rune Sith/Zeta
  • TPol123 as T'Kila
  • Minigee & RMrulz as Gao Gen-tal
  • Mozg as Lattrel Ottel
  • k4m4caZ1 as Daniel Clark
  • Ullii as Ullii Lauren & Yasha Lauren
  • Will Karelia as Will Karelia
  • Omega as Maxwell Sumit

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