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"In the darkness beyond the Briar Patch, a monstrous evil lurks just out of sight, poised to devour all sentient life in the galaxy. On the peaceful frontier planet Serenity, caught between warring empires, Lee Carter and her Banshee Squadron are pulled into the struggle that will decide the fate of humanity!"


Banshee Squadron is a fan fiction series written by Richard A. Merk. The stories are illustrated by photomanipulations and CGI artwork. Banshee Squadron is one of the first fanfic series on the Internet to publish stories in ebook formats such as epub and mobi. The series follows the adventures of Commander Lee Carter and her squadron of starfighter pilots as they tame the dangerous frontier beyond the Briar Patch, explore strange new worlds, and battle their nemesis, the Smelly Jelly.

Space... the final frontier.
These are the adventures of Banshee Squadron.
Their ongoing mission:
To safeguard Federation worlds,
To defend our lives and our civilizations,
To boldly go where no man dares to go!

The main characters originated in the late 1990s in several play-by-email role-playing games belonging to the now-defunct Deep Range Fleet. Over the years, they evolved from minor background characters to major players until they broke away and formed the Banshee Squadron fanfic series, based in part on the old pbems.

A number of series characters left Banshee Squadron to star in their own collection of stories called The Adventures of Absalom West. Eventually, most remaining characters transitioned into a follow-up series entitled Eon & Eternity. All three series are still collectively referred to as "Banshee Squadron".

Banshee Squadron is part of the TrekCreative Writer's Guild, the Trek Writers Guild, and the STPMA


Banshee Squadron[]

Main Characters

Other Characters

The Adventures of Absalom West[]

Eon & Eternity[]

USS Eternity



Other time periods[]

  • Ten Thousand Swords, Ro Laren version (Nov 2370)
  • Ten Thousand Swords, Star Trek: Liberty crossover version (2377)
  • Runaway (June 2381)
  • Who? (Christmas 2381)
  • Christmas Goose (Christmas 2381)

Guest Authors[]

  • Outwardly Mobile by Jay P. Hailey
  • Ten Thousand Swords photonovel by Yann Wilhem

Reference works[]


Star Trek: Banshee Squadron adheres fairly closely to the continuity of all Star Trek series and movies including Star Trek: The Animated Series and Star Trek. Since the details of Banshee Squadron were established before ENT was aired, there is minor divergence from official canon in the location of the Briar Patch.

In addition, some classic non-canon reference materials exert a strong influence on Banshee Squadron, including Franz Joseph's Star Fleet Technical Manual, the Star Trek Spaceflight Chronology, and Star Trek: Star Charts.

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