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Star Trek: Centauris was the saga of the adventures of the "last-chance" crew of the USS Centauris in the late 24th century from 2381 onward. The story operated via the play-by-email system in which participants contributed various short stories or chapters known as "posts" or "logs". However, quite unlike its predecessor, the new Star Trek: Centauris incorporated an additional forum for its members in order to accommodate a shorter waiting period and to maintain the flow of posts.

Much like its predecessor, it was inspired by Star Trek: The Next Generation. The "retrofitted" Centauris continuity began in August 2007, with a Star Trek timeframe of 2381. The original storyline that preceded the current storyline was kept while a more solid premise was established in order to promote a stronger sense of direction than was afforded by its predecessor.

Focused on the concept of being more than merely a "sim", Centauris primarily relied on the concept of quality. The primary focus of the sim revolving around exploration of the human condition with emphasis on drama and character development along with plot, quality writing and motivations of characters which were unique in their own way and break the traditional mold of Trek characters. In this sense, it can be stated that the model of Centauris was inspired from the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine method of operation, as each character on the sim had an implied darkness about them regardless of their intensity.

This allowed the ship upon which the sim was based to become a plethora of human fallibility and thus allowed for it's exploration, a fact that most sims tend to ignore while other sims attempt to push the "darkness" factor far too high.

This was further balanced with a majority of aspects taken from the fan series Star Trek: Daedalus. The key to Centauris was balance; there was darkness and there was light in reality thus a balance was attempted to be maintained within this sim to promote a somewhat realistic sounding story.

To that end, the overall story was developed strongly on the concept of subplots forming the whole. Unlike other sims where a GM attempted to run the entire game, the writers of Centauris were encouraged to help guide the story from themselves, to give the story a life of its own. Part of the overall goal of Centauris was to create a thought-provoking story in which both the positive and negative aspects of the Trek universe were highlighted.

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