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Star Trek: Civilizations is a fan fiction series jointly written by Tigerstyle and Hyperion.

The stories are set during the late 23rd century and focus on the crew of two ships: the Avenger-class USS Valiant and the Enterprise II-class USS Hyperion. Posted to Star Station Inflexible, a Federation outpost located near the Klingon Neutral Zone, these men and women must confront challenges both mundane and extraordinary as the galactic peace crumbles around them.

Because the series attempts to provide readers with an accurate and compelling cross-section of Starfleet, it features a truly ensemble cast, one drawn from all corners of Federation society. Its goal is to create a grittier, more realistic interpretation of Star Trek that remains as faithful as possible to the original.

Main characters[]

USS Valiant[]

USS Hyperion[]


Season One: Omens[]

  • Midnight on the Firing Line - (in progress) The mysterious disappearance of the USS Kidd and a Klingon Bird of Prey sparks a diplomatic crisis between the Federation and the Klingon Empire. As the Valiant's new crew begins to drill in preparation for active duty, Vice Admiral Selye dispatches Captain Forester and the Hyperion on a secret mission to find out what really happened that Christmas Eve.

Canon and continuity[]

The continuity of Star Trek: Civilizations includes the following official works:

In addition, the authors consider the following unofficial works to be canon:

The authors have also drawn inspiration from the board game Star Fleet Battles, published by Amarillo Design Bureau, and the Starfleet Command series of video games published by Interplay Entertainment.

The authors are proudly affiliated with the fan fiction series Star Trek: Gibraltar, written by Sam Redfeather.