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Star Trek: Constance is a fan fiction series loosely based off of the game Star Trek Online aboard the USS Constance.

Set in 2409, and is planned to continue into 2416, Constance depicts the adventures of the rather mismatched crew of the ship as it ventures out into space. As war is brewing with the Klingons and the Romulans, Captain Rachel Covaks attempts to hold the crew to the ideals of the Federation, a difficult job in the time of war.


The real central theme of Constance is your typical exploration, but more than that it is that we must hold true to our personal ideals in the face of war. Captain Covaks is known to bend the rules, and is not afraid to defy orders if she believes that she is making the right decision.

With the constant war and the threat of war, the Federation is standing on the brink of chaos. Assaulted from all sides, it is more often the job of the explorers on board the Constance to solve the problems. Now, it's only a matter of time before the Federation is in over its head, and when that happens the threat will be even greater.


"These are the voyages of the Starship Constance, her continuing mission to seek out new forms of life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no one has ever gone before."
— Chapter 1 opening
"I am an Emergency Medical Hologram, not a Miracle worker."
"But this isn't a time to think about them, nor is it a time to think about me. The fact is, what we should remember is the people that didn't make it home. We lost some good people in the Vega colony, we have lost a lot of good people since the first Enterprise left Earth, but we have always looked forward. I am reminded of all the people that have had this rank in the past, those that have become legends, and those that have been forgotten. Progress comes at a price, but the time will always come that the price is too high for some, while we look out to that next star; we sometimes forget those that we leave behind. This Federation was not formed on the principles of war, but on peace and exploration. I am reminded of the words of Captain Jonathan Archer during the Xindi threat, 'Do you remember when we left Earth? We were explorers then, when this is over, you will be again.' Have we forgotten this in the war? Or perhaps, can we look deep inside ourselves, and allow that explorer spirit to return. That is what I will strive to do, as captain of the USS Constance."
— Rachel Covaks
"First Contact can be crucial, a first contact with a species can mean another enemy or another ally, preferably the latter but fate can be a fickle thing."
— Chapter 2 opening
"The Enterprise is a name of ships that where great explorers. Every ship that has ever held the name has become a legend, and I want to become a legend as well."
— Rachel Covaks
""We shall be able to explore new worlds, perhaps meet races out there that are much like ourselves, and we will see the galaxy for the first time."
— Dr. Horban
"The Federation will fall to the Klingons, If not the Klingons then the Romulans, If not the Romulans then it will be the True way."
— Chapter 3 opening.
""uch like Alice, we must now travel through the looking glass. What is beyond is the greatest mystery of all."
— Chapter 4 opening

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Klingon Defense Force[]

Captain Mesla (Captain of the Mish'ra)


Season One (Beginnings)[]