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Star Trek: Courageous is a fan fiction script-based "virtual series" written by Alex M.P. Matthews. It was developed in 2015 and began 'airing' episodes in 2017. In 2018, it underwent a minor reboot of sorts, with many of the main characters being recast, while the story elements remained the same.

The series is set in the time between the ending of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, and the film Star Trek Nemesis, focusing on the crew of an older Excelsior-class [refit] starship, the USS Courageous.

Images of actors are used in photomanipulations to simulate the "cast" of the series. All graphics are created by Darrin McCann and Jonathan Crosby-Bromley.

Background information[]

The Federation is existing in a state of relative peace, the Dominion War is over, but the rebuilding efforts are still ongoing, as Starfleet recovers and continues with its main mission of exploration throughout the Alpha and Beta Quadrants.

But with the advent of peace, comes the testing of the waters by various nefarious individuals, who look upon the end of hostilities as an opportunity to once again stretch forth and make their own mark.

The Starship Courageous, NCC-41976, an older second-generation Excelsior-class vessel, was due to be decommissioned until the losses from Dominion attacks caused Starfleet Command to recall many older ships and retrofit them with more advanced weaponry in an effort to keep the enemy forces back. After taking part in the final decisive battle at Cardassia Prime, and taking severe damage to both ship and crew, the Courageous was practically rebuilt from the keel up in order to keep Starfleet with serviceable ships. Once the refit was complete, the ship was assigned to Star Station Charlie, an out of the way Federation outpost, on the fringes of Sector 23, a region of space that was far away from the front, but left undefended when Starbase 105, the major support station for the sector, was destroyed during a defeated Dominion push into the region.

The re-assignment of a cruiser, the largest ship ever assigned permanently to the station’s purview, was to send a message to those in the area that any belief that the Federation is weakened by the war would be in error.

It has NOT been as successful as Starfleet Command hoped.

Canon and continuity[]

Star Trek: Courageous accepts as canon those productions which Paramount Pictures accept, meaning the original Star Trek, its live action spinoffs, and the motion pictures. Additionally, the animated Star Trek series is also viewed as canon. While not officially canon, certain aspects of the relaunch novels (VOY, DS9, and ENT) will be integrated and occasionally mentioned.


Main Cast[]

Major recurring characters[]

  • Admiral Gregory Sawyer, Commander, Starbase 19 (Portrayed by Delroy Lindo)
  • Lt. Cmndr Ravin Ulyn, Strategic Ops Officer, USS Courageous (Portrayed by Manu Bennett)
  • Lt. Cmndr Laila Nazir, Intelligence Coordinator, Star Station Charlie (Portrayed by Yasmin Al Massri)
  • Lt. Elyse Karrin, Assistant Chief Engineer, USS Courageous (Portrayed by Madelaine Mantock)
  • Jaicyn Norven, Chief Administrator, Star Station Charlie (Portrayed by Enrico Colanti)
  • Varrak-Sar, Master, SS Lucky Shot (Portrayed by Ryan Guzman)
  • Saren, Medic/Scientist, SS Lucky Shot


Season One[]

  • "Attention to Orders" [Part 1]
  • "The Family Business" [Part 2]

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