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Star Trek: Dark Armada

Star Trek: Dark Armada is a fan film production set within the same timeline as Star Trek: Hidden Frontier, Star Trek: Intrepid and Star Trek: Guardian. The series focuses on the events of Captain Alexander Richardson and his ship, the USS Batavia, on their quest to save the Federation from an unknown terror.

Production overview[]

Dark Armada is based in the Netherlands. Most of the cast and crew are either from the Netherlands or Belgium, with UK guest appearances from Star Trek: Intrepid cast members. The production is done using green screen technology where all of the characters are filmed in front of a colored background, which is later replaced by CGI backdrops.

All of the completed episodes are downloadable from the series website.

Series credited cast[]

  • Robin Hiert as Captain Alexander Richardson
  • Melissa van den Berg as Commander Fina Matryn
  • Iris Janse as Lieutenant Commander Celissia Katina
  • Martijn Aartsen as Lieutenant Shankar 'Henry' Atkinson
  • Daniel Brongers as Lieutenant Alan Paker
  • Angelique Johnston as Lieutenant Ayana Preck
  • Benno Sassen as Ensign Albert S. Smith
  • Monique Lanting as Ensign Belissa

Episode List[]

Production Number (Working) Title Comments
0 These Are The Voyages... Released September 2006.
0A Worst Nightmare Released March 2009.
0B Choices, Part 1 Released. Features a special appearance by commodore Knapp from Star Trek: Hidden Frontier.
0C Choices, Part 2 Released. Conclusion of "Choices, Part 1"
1 Nightfall Released. Features a special appearance of Faldor of Star Trek: Intrepid.

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